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When You Can’t Afford Psychotherapy | Psych Central

When You Can’t Afford Psychotherapy | Psych Central. By MARIE HARTWELL-WALKER, ED.D.   You know you’re in trouble. Maybe you’ve been depressed for what seems like ages. You can’t get motivated to do things. You don’t enjoy doing the things that used to give you the most pleasure. Yoursleep and appetite are off. Sex? You can’t be […] more

Top 10 Mindfulness Posts of 2012

  Top 10 Mindfulness and Psychotherapy Posts of 2012 By ELISHA GOLDSTEIN, PH.D.  Whether this is your first time you’re coming here or you’ve been around for the almost four years I’ve been writingThe Mindfulness and Psychotherapycolumn, I want to share a personal moment of gratitude and say “Thank You” for being a part of this […] more

Top 50 health apps: Body&Soul

Top 50 health apps – body+soul. These are pretty good start .  .  . good ratings. for PMS, meditation, relaxation, exercise, and more. Rory ************************************************** By Charmaine Yabsley & Maureen Shelley Maintaining your health, fitness and happiness goals is only a click away… We review 50 of the best health and fitness apps you need […] more

Screening Tools:

                  click here for : Screening Tools   Wondering if you or a loved one might have a mental health concern? Use our free, anonymous, clinically validated screening questionnaires to see whether or not there may be a mental health issue. Remember: these self-assessments are for screening only […] more

Meditation: lasting effects on brain functioning

Meditation may have lasting positive effects on brain functioning – Syracuse natural health |   Video: Meditation Techniques: How Long and How Often to Practice Meditation The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine writes thatmeditation is recognized as a mind-body practice in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). There are various types of meditation, most of which originated […] more

Dr. Peter Breggin: Today’s Greatest Mental Health Need: Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal Programs

Dr. Peter Breggin: Today’s Greatest Mental Health Need: Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal Programs. The pharmaceutical industry and organized psychiatry act as if the greatest challenge today is to identify new psychiatric disorders, to promote the supposedly high prevalence of existing disorders, and to find new blockbuster drugs, all the while heavily promoting current moneymakers. Even the […] more

Coquitlam girl who posted bullying video takes own life – The Globe and Mail

Coquitlam girl who posted bullying video takes own life – The Globe and Mail. Like many teenagers, Amanda Todd struggled to fit in. The skinny girl with long brown hair didn’t have many close friends and often ate lunch alone. She was bullied – in person and online. A product of her generation, Amanda turned […] more

Economics of Providing Psychotherapy

PsychiatryOnline | Psychiatric News | News Article. Susan G. Lazar, M.D. text A A A Mental illness is the leading cause of global disability, accounting for one-third of disability worldwide, according to 2008 data from the World Health Organization. In the United States, costs of mental illness are 7 percent of total health care expenditures, with the indirect […] more

The 3 Steps for a Successful ADHD Marriage

The 3 Steps for a Successful ADHD Marriage. Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can present many challenges for parents. Raising children with ADHD can be both exhilarating and exhausting. But when an ADHD child grows up and enters a relationship with another person, it can be even more taxing. Adult ADHD can be a mystery to […] more

The best of the free online budgeting tools – The Globe and Mail

I have many clients and couples who are having troubles with budgetting. These tools may help. They are good for couples who want to share the information and “be on the same page”. Rory **************   The best of the free online budgeting tools – The Globe and Mail.   Enlarge this image HOME CENTS […] more

Types of Childhood Abuse

Reposted from the blog of Darlene Barriere. There are six types of emotional abuse:     »  rejecting     »  isolating     »  ignoring     »  corrupting     »  exploiting     »  terrorizing One type of emotional abuse that warrants a section of its own is witnessing family violence. Due to the ever-increasing statistics of family violence, I’ve treated this topic separately. You’ll find it below underterrorizing.   Types […] more

Emotional Abuse – YouTube

Emotional Abuse – YouTube. Stop Emotional Abuse, You Deserve Better.We all know about Sexual Abuse. We all know about Physical Abuse. But, we know very little about Emotional Abuse.Emotional Abuse occurs when one person emotionally and psychologically abuses another person who is in need of sincere affection. This kind of abuse takes many […] more

Mindfulness: Attention and Attunement

Joe Loizzo, M.D., Ph.D.: Reliable Methods: The Future of Self-Transcendence. The three decades since mindfulness meditation was first found to help with anxiety, chronic pain and depression have seen the reversal of a trend that goes back over a century. When Freud founded psychotherapy as “a middle way between philosophy and medicine,” he took pains […] more

Stress Relief 5 Easy Resolutions

Ashley Davis Bush, LCSW: Stress Relief For 2012: 5 Easy Resolutions That Will Stick!. The new year is up on the calendar. Will this be another year that you vow to start exercising only to drop your gym membership by Valentine’s Day? Remember the year you were determined to start flossing? Take vitamins? Give up […] more

Spiritual Laws of Money & Abundance

Follow The Spiritual Laws of Money and Abundance. By S. Roman & D. Packer in Abundance on February 7th, 2008  Money is neither good nor bad; it is energy. It is the way money is used that determines whether or not it is a positive energy that will benefit you and others. If you come […] more

Accommodations: Illness or Excuse?

A Serious Illness or an Excuse? – By ANDREA PETERSEN Sally McCay At University of Vermont, above, staff role play with students with mental health issues to prepare them to negotiate with professors. Earlier this semester, college senior Leah Nelson emailed one of her instructors to ask for extra time to complete a paper. […] more

Rewiring the Brain to Ease Pain

Rewiring the Brain to Ease Pain – Rewiring the Brain to Ease Pain Brain Scans Fuel Efforts to Teach Patients How to Short-Circuit Hurtful Signals By MELINDA BECK           How you think about pain can have a major impact on how it feels. That’s the intriguing conclusion neuroscientists are reaching as scanning technologies let them […] more

Money making you crazy? Therapy the answer?

If your relationship with money is making you crazy, therapy might be the answer – Winnipeg Free Press. If your relationship with money is making you crazy, therapy — not the retail variety — might be the answer By: Carolin Vesely Enlarge Image Dr. Moira Somers helps people to wake up to their financial reality. […] more

Myths of Psychotherapy: Mental Health

Myths of Psychotherapy: #2 « Mental Health. By Thomas L. Schwartz, MD Psychotherapy, talk therapy, and counseling are all terms used when treatment revolves around a patient talking to a therapist every week. This series of blogs aims to evaluate some common myths about getting therapy for one’s mental or emotional symptoms. The first post […] more

Social Anxiety: Cognitive or Interpersonal Therapy?

  Social Anxiety Disorder: Cognitive Therapy or Interpersonal Therapy? By John M. Grohol, PsyD Founder & Editor-in-Chief If all you did was watch TV, you might think social anxiety disorder was as prevalent as depression — or as big a problem. Also called social phobia, social anxiety disorder is often treated first with medications, such […] more

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