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Anger Management and Its Silver Lining

Anger Management Counseling and Anger’s Silver Lining. A News Summary Because of a few high-profile individuals, anger management and aggressive outbursts have been in the public spotlight recently. They’ve spurred conversations about what anger is, what it means to lose control, and how to deal with anger. In some cases, people are also beginning […] more

Stress Relief 5 Easy Resolutions

Ashley Davis Bush, LCSW: Stress Relief For 2012: 5 Easy Resolutions That Will Stick!. The new year is up on the calendar. Will this be another year that you vow to start exercising only to drop your gym membership by Valentine’s Day? Remember the year you were determined to start flossing? Take vitamins? Give up […] more

Spiritual Laws of Money & Abundance

Follow The Spiritual Laws of Money and Abundance. By S. Roman & D. Packer in Abundance on February 7th, 2008  Money is neither good nor bad; it is energy. It is the way money is used that determines whether or not it is a positive energy that will benefit you and others. If you come […] more

The Powerful Influence of Parents

by Jerry Lopper, Personal Growth Coach  on June 13, 2011 » Image By Colin Brough The influence of our parents is on my mind right now. Even as we become fully functioning adults and parents ourselves, it’s intriguing to consider how much of who we are is directly attributable to beliefs and experiences we encountered as […] more

Why It’s So Hard to Find Your Life’s Purpose “Every being is intended to be on earth for a certain purpose.” – Sa’di, 12th Century Persian poet I’m often asked, “Why can’t I find the purpose of my life?” Over the decades I’ve heard many men and women — whether they’re psychotherapy patients working to build healthier lives or business executive trying to […] more

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