Stress Relief 5 Easy Resolutions

Ashley Davis Bush, LCSW: Stress Relief For 2012: 5 Easy Resolutions That Will Stick!.

The new year is up on the calendar. Will this be another year that you vow to start exercising only to drop your gym membership by Valentine’s Day? Remember the year you were determined to start flossing? Take vitamins? Give up soda?

Studies show that even people with life threatening illnesses are not successful at creating lasting permanent lifestyle changes. Why? Because change is hard work! It takes a tsunami of sustainable energy to effect long term, lasting change.

But what if the changes were such simple shifts of attention that they required virtually no effort? And what if they were prompted by activities that you already do so that you won’t forget? And what if, on top of all that, they actually made your life better?

Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Implement even one of these five simple practices into your day and you’ll find yourself happier and less stressful.

Hint: Use strategically placed Post-it reminders for the first few weeks until these healthy habits become automatic.

While You’re Brushing Your Teeth: “Morning Glory”
 As you brush your teeth, think of three things that you’ll be facing in your day. Think, “I will open myself with curiosity to __________” (the meeting, the parent/teacher conference or the luncheon, for example). Set your intention to be open and curious to the events of your upcoming day, rather than negative or judgmental. When you cultivate positive emotions, you de-stress your body and meet your day with optimism!
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