AFFIRMATIONS: 15 Phrases to Repeat When You Don’t Feel Good Enough

We all come into the world the same way as everyone else. However, somewhere along the ride, life can knock us down and cause us to doubt our capabilities and self esteem. The truth is, however, that we are all at our most valuable in any given moment.

Boost Your Self Esteem with Positive Affirmations

While our self esteem may dwindle at times, we are always in full control of how we feel about ourselves. No one has the power to take that away from us, but at times, we may feel at an all time low. How do we overcome these feelings of low self esteem? By practicing positive affirmations like the following:

1. I accept and love the person that I am and who I am becoming.

Self esteem starts with accepting and loving the person in the mirror. While none of us are perfect, we all deserved to be loved just as we are.

Don’t deny yourself this self-love. Boost your self esteem by starting everyday off by realizing just how important you are and showing yourself some true love.

2. I welcome respect and love with open arms. I radiate these things everywhere I go.

Even when respect is earned, we must know how to accept it. The same is true with love.

Once you’ve learned to welcome both into your life, you will emit these qualities wherever you are, all while growing in self esteem.

3. I am respected and loved anywhere that I am.

At times, we convince ourselves that we’re hard to love. Even still, we often tell ourselves that certain people are against us.

Instead of thinking in this destructive manner, boost your self esteem by understanding how much you are loved and respected by others.

4. I have abilities and talents that are totally unique to me.

We often lose sight of our own self esteem when we fail to realize how special we are. We are all unique individuals that have been gifted with certain talents and abilities.

While life can make us feel like one drop in a vast ocean, the opposite is actually true. We are all vastly different people that together make up the entire human race.

5. The people I love value my talents and services.

Many of us believe the lie that though we have special talents to offer the world, no one sees them. Instead of believing in this, we should focus on the people that already love us unconditionally and see our worth.

If no one comes to mind, we must know that our own self-love is all that we need.

6. I rely on myself, am self-motivated, and am persistent in all of my goals.

Our biggest cheerleader will always be ourselves. We have to show up for ourselves first, push ourselves further than we have before, and keep going after everything we want in life.

It isn’t easy and it won’t always feel comfortable, but we owe it to ourselves to keep pushing.

7. Good things are happening in my life and I am deserving of them.

Life brings both the good and the bad. However, we attract what we think we deserve.

Therefore, you must understand that you deserve for good things to happen. Know that they will happen in due time.

8. I am thankful that my life is filled with wonderful things.

A total transformation in attitude begins with gratitude. When we are grateful for every wonderful thing in life, we are able to feel more fulfilled.

You’ll find yourself growing in self esteem when you understand how blessed you are.

9. My thoughts are positive, healthy, and loving. These thoughts eventually become my life experiences.

We are the only ones that have total control over our thoughts. So, it is essential that we choose to entertain thoughts that are filled with love and positivity.

10. I am a solution-maker. I am driven to see every problem as an opportunity for growth.

Life isn’t easy, but in the grand scheme of things, there is no problem that we can’t solve. Whether we find a solution that works out or doesn’t work, every moment gives us the chance to learn more about ourselves and the world.

11. Though I may be a single person, I’m not alone. I am always supported by the universe in ways I see and do not see.

Though at times we may feel alone, the universe is always rooting us on. Though the universe is often working in mysterious ways, it is always working towards our good.

12. I have a past but I’m not my past. I live in each moment so I can enjoy life to the fullest.

We all have good and bad in our past. Choosing to embrace every moment that we have is an important part in moving on from our past and truly being in the moment.

13. I am constantly changing and can grow into whomever and whatever I want.

We all are growing into the person we were always meant to become. Though other people may try to influence us to grow in certain ways, only we are in control of who we want to be.

14. I am the only person responsible for deciding what to do with my life.

Our lot in life is our choice–no one can tell us any different. We must do what makes us happy and what brings us joy.

15. When I choose to prioritize myself and my desires, I am not selfish for doing so.

Self care is all about recognizing our own needs. Doing this is the only way we can bring joy to other people’s lives. For this reason, taking care of ourselves should be our highest priority.

16. I have a choice with each moment to choose positivity or negativity. I always choose positivity, no matter what is happening in my life.

We don’t have to have negative experiences, thoughts, or mindsets. By recognizing the choices we make in each moment, we can transform our lives to be filled with positivity.

17. I am a flexible person that enjoys new experiences and meeting new people.

Life is all about charging into the unknown confidently and unafraid. We all have a certain flexibility and strength inside us that allows us to enjoy new experiences.

18. I am a strong person and I am always aware of this. I always choose to walk in confidence.

We must never let anyone diminish our strength. We are stronger than we know and must always be aware of this.

Best Practices for Living Out Daily Affirmations

To make the most of these affirmations, we must make a habit of living them out through the following means:

1. Write Out Negative Thoughts

We all have negative thoughts every now and then. To counteract these thoughts, it helps to make a list with all our negative qualities. This list can include any criticisms that other people have spoken over us. Oftentimes, we hold all this negativity inside without realizing it.

During this part, we must remember that we all have flaws. It is our responsibility to never hold onto these negative things. Instead we must let them go.

2. Counter Each Negative Point with an Affirmation

Now that we have a list of negative qualities and self-judgements, it’s time to counter them with the positive affirmations. The above affirmations are a great source of inspiration for the kind of statements we must use to overcome any negativity.

For example, a negative criticism like “I never do anything right” should be countered with the statement “I am capable of achieving everything I put my mind to.”

The more confident and self-assured the affirmations, the better.

3. Repeat the Affirmations Each Day

The real shift in thinking comes when repeating the affirmations becomes second nature. Start by scheduling time to repeat each affirmation at least three times each day.

The best time to repeat these affirmations is in the mirror. That way, the affirmations will really sink in as we say them directly to ourselves.

In addition to repeating these affirmations, writing them out is also helpful. Writing these words over and over in a mindfulness journal will help us to keep them in mind.

4. Anchor Every Affirmation

Every affirmation should be “anchored” to a specific place in the body. When we read these aloud, we must place our hands over the area that was referenced in the initial negative statement.

Similarly, we can anchor the affirmations by “breathing” into them. Every time we say an affirmation, we must breathe in the positivity and exhale the negativity.

5. Ask a Friend to Repeat the Affirmations

Boost your self esteem by asking a trusted friend or family member to speak these affirmations to you. This will have a profound effect on your psyche. Simply having someone speak this positivity over you is a powerful act.

Final Thoughts on Positive Affirmations

Using positive affirmations in our daily lives allows us to completely transform our state of mind, mood, and our goals in life. To really harness the power of positive affirmations, it is important for us to undo the damage caused by negative beliefs. By using positive affirmations to counteract these thoughts, we are working to create an entirely new reality for ourselves.

This mindfulness practice allows for a total revolution in self esteem. While we can’t escape negative things in life, we can change how we react to things and how we treat ourselves. By choosing positivity, we are on the way to becoming the best versions of ourselves and living the life we’ve always wanted.