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Find a job you’ll love by matching your personality and interests to real-world careers. This free 15-minute career test measures key personality factors to show you the exact careers that suit your strengths. Based on the powerful Holland Code and Big Five systems, for accurate results to get you started on the right career path today.

To take the career test, mark your interest in each activity shown. Do not worry about whether you have the skills or training to do an activity, or how much money you might make. Simply think about whether you would enjoy doing it or not.



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Recent Reviews

July 18, 2021 – 4:09am
by Mimi
The report gives useful tips on how I should choose what to study and how to plan my career! ?
July 9, 2021 – 7:11am
by Tanya George
This personality test was so thorough and concise in all areas for me. It was 100% spot on and picking up key values that I knew I had but the best of all was it gave so many careers within those specific fields that were my top 3. Some I had never even thought of that intrigued to further research more about some of them. This test was an inspiration and motivation to my future academic goal planning!
July 9, 2021 – 9:36am
by Zavier
My report helped me understand why I have disliked certain positions in the past.


Q. How long does the career test take to complete?

A. The career assessment consists of 94 questions. It takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.

Q. What information will I get in my results?

A. When you complete the career test, you will first be shown a brief, free summary of your results and career recommendations. Then, you may choose to unlock your full report for a small fee. To see what you can expect from your full report, check out this career test sample report.

Q. Is this career test really free?

A. You do not need to purchase or register to take this career test and view an overview of your results. If you would like, you can purchase a more comprehensive full report for a small fee.

Q. Is this test accurate?

A. No career test can tell you exactly which job is right for you, but some tests are more helpful than others. This career test has been researched extensively to ensure it is valid and reliable, using a variety of statistical methods. It is based on two established theories which have conclusively been shown to impact job fit and satisfaction: psychologist John Holland’s theory of career interest assessment, and the Big Five personality model.