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Better sleep for better health.

A sleep test in the comfort of your own home can help identify whether excessive daytime sleepiness and chronic snoring are signs of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

Sleep Testing

Sleep Efficiency offers take home sleep tests to identify obstructive sleep apnea. All studies are reviewed by a registered polysomnographic technologist and interpreted by a respirologist. Results are then forwarded to referring physicians.

Staff Screening

Sleep Efficiency offers corporate services to organizations with staff-wide screening for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). A full report analysis per staff member will be submitted to corresponding physicians involved in the circle of care.

Consulting Workshops

Sleep Efficiency offers educational workshops to help improve your staff’s wellness, while improving your businesses productivity. Invite Andrew Holmes (corporate sleep consultant) to speak to your staff on sleep-related topics including fatigue management, proper sleep hygiene practices, and signs and symptoms of sleep disorders.

Sleep Efficiency offers an easy-to-use home sleep testing device designed to help patients get the study done right the first night.

Up to 15% of patients fail to make their appointment at a sleep centre due to fear, inconvenience or delay in scheduling time; home testing minimizes those factors. The natural at-home sleep environment facilitates a normal night’s sleep, improving the accuracy of test results.

Watch a take-home sleep test set-up video

Sleep Efficiency provides faster results to referring physicians.

Results are returned to the referring physician within approximately two weeks of seeing the patient. This gives you access to treatment much faster.

Andrew Holmes RPSGT,
Corporate Sleep Consultant

As founder of Sleep Efficiency, Andrew brings over a decade of sleep diagnostic experience to individuals, businesses and associations looking to identify obstructive sleep apnea through take-home sleep tests.

Andrew is also the official sleep consultant of the Ottawa Senators and a frequent guest on CTV Morning Live as their sleep subject matter expert

Andrew Holmes discusses the risks of sleep apnea on CBC's The National

Andrew Holmes discusses the risks of sleep apnea on CBC’s The National

Watch Andrew’s appearances on CTV Morning Live Ottawa.

Watch Andrew’s appearances on CTV Morning Live Ottawa.


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