Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC)     and Registered Psychotherapist (RP)  

 Instructed @ Counsellor Training Institute (CTI) for two years. 
 Certified:   by CCPA (#8192) & the College of    Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (#002563),                                     and working with a PhD Psychologist in a supervised practice.
 Education:  Bachelor of Science, Masters of Educational Psychology, Graduate Diploma in Couples Counselling, 2 Certificates in Adult Education.  In addition to the requirements for CCPA and CRPO certification, Rory completed a two-year psychotherapy training at EastWind Institute,  and two years of contemplative study at Gampo Abbey, Cape Breton and RMSC, Colorado.  
 Specialities:  Relationships – Individual & Couples, Adult ADD/ADHD, Anger Management, Workplace Stress, Motor Vehicle Accident Injury, Anxiety, Depression, Stress Reduction, PTSD, RCMP, Military families  
       Rory nurtures a counselling environment which invites creative involvement of the client’s inner and outer resources. When the inner “Wise Self” is connected with “Authentic power” in therapy, an unfolding process develops. Personal stories and goals become the foundation for client-centred work.  Rory’s ideal client profile stretches from individuals and couples with self-esteem and relationship issues to addictions and depression – to ADHD coaching for adults (single or in relationship).
      Meaning and purpose evade us when we are depressed, suffer from anxiety, and our homes and workplaces are conflict-ridden.  If we have a personal history with abuse or neglect our self-esteem naturally is challenged. Support, helpful information, and therapy offer relief, refocusing, and healing.  After divorce, death, job loss – or any major transition we experience grief and loss, depression and lack of motivation which can leave us confused, disorganized, and disconnected – without purpose.  Alcohol and drugs are often used to self-medicate for depression and anxiety.   
    Therapeutic Approaches:   Rory was trained extensively in several psychotherapy models and he continues to learn and study which moved him to do a further Graduate Diploma in Couples Therapy while practicing full-time. He is passionate about helping you to work through whatever your problem is – whether it is; marriage issues, grief, anger, anxiety, depression, stress, relationships, or a desire to live mindfully.  Rory uses many tools from the schools of Person Centred Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Emotionall Focussed Therapy, Dream therapy, Narrative Therapy, Drama/Art Therapy, Body/Mind Therapy, and Marriage Therapy.  Lastly,  Coaching for Success – for adult clients with ADHD / ADD (and the organizationally challenged) – is an important part of his practice.
*  Reduce Anxiety & Stress  *  Depression * Anger  Management  *  Couples Counselling *  
*  MVI’s Pain and Suffering  *  Support for Emotional Distress   *  Self Esteem       * 
*  Grief & Loss * Addictions * Conflict in Relationships  * ADHD/ADD Coaching    * 
 Couples:  Rory uses a couples approach that helps the marriage heal: partners learn to tune into themselves, their needs,  feelings, and habits of relating that produce a negative cycle of interactions.  This system provides a structured format for positive and safe communication.  Learn assertiveness skills to prevent resentment, anger, violence, and hopelessness.  Criticism and  emotional abuse are replaced with love and positive communication skills.  Exercises are often used to develop tolerance of disturbing feeling and conflict resolution skills.  
 Anger Management:  With these clients Rory uses a CBT – based workbook with approximately 14 chapters.  The program has been successful with many types of clients; those whose lawyers suggested it, those who were self-referred, those who have an issue at home, also with those whose partners have strongly encouraged them to get help.  The normal process is to introduce it as an eight to 10 week program (there is support as clients work through exercises in session and at home. Rory reviews exercises with the client, clarifies material if there are questions, and gives feedback on the progress).  Sometimes anger counselling is “the doorway” into therapy for other issues hindering them in their lives.
 ADHD Coaching for Adults:   Attention deficit disorder affects personal growth, organizational skills, confidence, relationships, and marriage.  The intention is to create new thinking habits and learn stress reduction and communication skills. Clients learn to break habits that often lead to poor time management and organizational skills, low self-esteem, and neglect of their needs.  Through CBT and coaching, clients gain control of their home and work, stop self criticism, and heal relationships.  A client-centred approach remains open to your personal style and sense of timing to move past fear and frustration.    Tools to deal with anxiety, anger management, stress reduction, and for resolution of conflict.
 Diverse background:  Presently, and for the last ten years, in private practice.  Previously served as an Instructor/professor at Counsellor Training Institute (CTI). Rory has experience working with individuals, couples, and families in many different milieus.   He has worked with; victim services, clients with anger management issues, young people and seniors, police/RCMP/ military members and families, victims of harassment and bullying, violent trauma survivors, and military and non-military PTSD sufferers.  He has worked in a residential mental health care setting, a psychiatric hospital, and at a home for alcoholic men in recovery. He lived, worked, and studied at several retreat centres and helped people while they worked to find their their purpose and regain their centre.  He served as the mental health therapist at a northern First Nations community health centre and he has taught mindfulness meditation to many students and clients.  
       Rory brings strengths in; teamwork, communication, conflict resolution, adult education, problem-solving, working with mental health consumers, team building, program evaluation, computer skills, and public speaking. With more than 20 years experience in the fields of counselling, psychotherapy, mental health, education, and addictions, he enjoys working with individuals and groups and has been told he has a gift for understanding their needs.   He has lead seminars in treatment programs, done case management, worked with healthcare teams at a psychiatric hospital and at long-term care facilities, organized trainings for health care professionals and facilitated workshops with three educational/advocacy organizations, and served as secretary for his local chapter of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association.  He has extensive experience leading groups in many healing modalities such as dream work, qigong, guided imagery & visualization, anger management, anxiety and phobia management, self-hypnosis, and sharing circles. Rory has studied and taught several forms of meditation and energy medicine and is familiar with complementary healing principles.  
  Insurance Coverage:  Clients are provided with a detailed receipt for insurance and tax deduction purposes. Counselling services are not covered by OHIP, but are covered by many extended health care plans under “psychological services” .   MVA (motor vehicle accident) victims are often funded through their insurance through HCAI.  For more information on this go to the Booking/Fees/Insurance page (button located on header).
          Registered Psychotherapist and Certified by CCPA
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