ADD & Coaching: You Don’t Have To Go It Alone 

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Rick Greene:

Why waste precious time struggling alone? If you have questions, concerns about cost, or simply never thought an ADD Coach could be valuable, this video will show you the magic of having a partner who gets ADD and can help you get—and stay—on track.

Why coaching? Because ADD causes problems with what’s called Executive Function, which makes things like planning, organizing, prioritizing, tracking progress, finishing and managing time super challenging. ADD Coaches? They’re specifically trained to help you with Executive Function. It’s like getting a second brain custom designed to help you flourish!

  • Get answers to questions about the how and why of finding a coach and working with them.
  • Understand the crucial differences between coaching and doctors, therapists and support groups.
  • Learn how the right coach can help you generate the results you want by overcoming the hidden saboteurs that can plague your progress.

Impatient with the progress you’re making (or not making) on your own? It’s time to consider an ADD Coach.

On a personal note, after years of giving my best effort and falling short, I took the plunge and tried coaching. It’s been transformative! –Rick Green


“This informative video finally demystifies coaching and explains it in a way that reaches those who need it. Rick’s use of humor, practical information and experts in the coaching community all come together to provide what has been missing for so long.” – Robert Tudisco, Attorney, Nonprofit Consultant & Motivational Speaker.

“Thanks to Totally ADD for creating the first comprehensive ADHD coaching video with the most concise, effective overview of what ADHD coaching is, the process, the skills, and the benefits of having a well trained ADHD Coach. This highly entertaining video  will automatically engage your interest right from the start.” – David Giwerc, Founder and President of ADD Coach Academy, Master Certified ADHD Coach (MCAC)

“I never wanted to have a coach—I couldn’t possibly fit it into my already overloaded schedule. A year later, I cannot wait for our sessions. Her ability has made what I do fun again.” – Rick Green

“Finally!  A video that explains in a fun way exactly what ADHD coaching is and how a well-trained ADHD coach could help someone impacted by ADHD.” – Barbara Luther, MCAC, President, Professional Association of ADHD Coaches. Director of Training, ADD Coach Academy

“How much does it cost to get help for your ADHD? Question is, how much is it costing you NOT to get help?  If you are sceptical of other treatments, or if therapy hasn’t helped, this is a video you can’t afford not to watch!” – Jeff Copper, ADHD and Attention Coach.

“This video presents good information about ADHD Coaching while sprinkling light-hearted humor throughout. Rick Green is very entertaining!” – Robin Roman Wright, BCC, Career & ADHD Coach.

“Had enough of the chaos? So has ‘Bill Smith’. He has decided to get an ADHD coach but has no idea what that entails. Bill looks for help with his unorganized mess – an ADHD coach.

Watch this video to get a comprehensive answer to the question, “What is ADHD coaching?” and avoid hours of procrastination and endless researching.” – Mindy Schwartz Katz, MS. Your Life – Plan B, ADHD & Life Coach

“If coaching makes a difference in managing ADHD, does that mean you need to hire someone with a clipboard and a whistle to tell you to try harder?  Not so much. Watch this terrific video and let the wisdom of Rick Green and his guests explain what ADHD Coaching really IS, and how it can help.” – Elaine Taylor-Klaus, CPCC, PCC. Parenting Coach and co-Founder, ImpactADHD.

“If you want to know what ADHD Coaching is, this is the video to watch!” – Laurie Dupar PMHNP, RN, PCC. Nurse Practitioner and ADHD Specialist.