Creating a Calm Place: Grounding Activity for Anxiety

Grounding Activities are an essential skill for managing Anxiety, Stress, PTSD, and improving mental health. Visualizing a Safe place can be an essential technique for grounding the body and mind. When stress, anxiety, or panic seem to be taking over, we can actually trigger our nervous system to respond by calming the body and mind through “perceived safety”. By bringing to mind your safe space, your favorite environment, or your comfort zone you can actually reverse the stress response. This is an essential coping skill for managing anxiety, panic, and PTSD. Do you feel stressed out even when nothing’s the matter? Do you feel tense, anxious or panicky? Our amazing brain has the ability to imagine danger in a way that triggers that fight flight freeze response, even when we’re safe. But we can counteract that “danger” response by bringing to mind a safe place.